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MLI Corporate Vision Building - so that the strategy does not end up in files but in people's heads.

Nine out of ten strategic initiatives disappoint the expectations placed in them?
The MLI Vision Building process helps management teams to ensure that this does not happen. It ensures systematic coordination among the top decision-makers and at the same time involves all affected actors from the outset. The result is an exciting story about the future of the company that helps to stay on course in the hectic pace of everyday life and not lose sight of the essentials. The special, “note-worthy” presentation and mediation of the strategy serves to activate conscious as well as intuitive thinking in equal measure.

Mode of operation of the MLI Strategy Vision Building process:

The process of mission statement development works on several levels:

  • It creates a maximum of consensus within the top management,
  • it involves all interested parties from the outset,
  • it identifies contradictory ways of thinking and hurdles to overall success,
  • it uses the collective experience and creative potential to concretise the path to the implementation of the vision,
  • it ensures strong identification and motivation by conveying the context to all employees in a clear and comprehensible way,
  • it creates a strong communication and decision-making tool to set priorities in everyday life and control one’s own behaviour.

Services of the MLI:

  • Top management consulting through effectiveness analysis of existing strategies and target images, coordination of a uniform framework in the management team, design of an optimal process with maximum activation of the organisation.
  • Interactive development of the relevant content using in-depth interviews, focus groups and future labs with the methods of Design Thinking (moderation and preparation).
  • Brain-friendly visualisation and processing, in line with the corporate culture
  • Effective management instruments to communicate the vision, for example
    • Activating PREZI presentation for top management
    • Folding maps for all stakeholders with vision and key strategic content
    • Team vision workshops & Train-the-trainer of executives
    • Digital formats and virtual classrooms to develop strategy and vision in a playful way
    • Didactic design of strategy days and learning weeks

How we proceed

To develop your vision, the MLI uses the following six-step process:

  1. Identification of key peopleof particular importance for the implementation of the strategic objective
  2. Systematic survey of ideas and expectations – analysis of the greatest matches and contradictions
  3. Joint alignment and creative development of the strategic narrative, i.e. the inspiring story about the future of the company
  4. Visualization of the vision,including the possibility of all employees to give feedback on the first draft<
  5. Effective and interactive mediation to all employees in order to clarify their own contribution, as well as identification and internal commitment
  6. Translating the vision into concrete goals and key results

Methodology for interactive vision and mission statement development

The MLI Future Labs are a scientifically based format for leveraging collective experience and creative potential.

They combine key aspects of design thinking with the findings of Professor Thomas Malone’s chair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The latter has identified four factors that, in their combination, make maximum use of the intelligence of teams:

  1. A common key question
  2. A diverse group that brings together different perspectives on the relevant topic
  3. A structured process that controls the group’s thinking
  4. A moderation that ensures that everyone participates in the same parts as possible and also includes non-verbal communication in the result.


The experts of the MLI ensure these factors by means of a special moderation technique (Rapid Facilitation).

Strategic vision and mission statement development

Schematic representation MLI Future Labs

MLI Strategy Maps

The MLI Strategy Maps are a memorable, identity-forming and visually appealing instrument to present the common strategic vision and to anchor it as presence knowledge in the organisation.

They can be used in many ways and adapted to customer needs, for example as a folding card with all relevant information on the back, as high-quality art prints on aluminium that decorate the walls of meeting rooms or the cafeteria, as explanatory films on the intranet or as playing cards. In this way, both conscious and intuitive thinking are aligned to the common vision and those critical situations that have the greatest impact on whether the strategy is lived in everyday life.

Measurable results:

The MLI Vision Building process, for example, helped to increase employee engagement by 54% within 12 months during a global transformation project involving 7,000 actors.

Your contact person

Sebastian Morgner
ebastian Morgner is Managing Partner of the MLI Leadership Institute. He specialises in working with top management to develop the framework of a strategic vision and to design a process for the development of a mission statement which results in maximum activation among those affected.

+49 89 62838870


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