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Leadership Innovation
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MLI Leadership Innovation – think new and lead better

Do you want to make your management team fit for future tasks through new perspectives, self-awareness and effective management tools? Then we should talk!

Expectations of leadership are shaped by social trends and the “zeitgeist”. Every dynamically developing company needs innovation and renewal with regard to its understanding of leadership and its management practice.

We see ourselves as a think tank for the future of leadership. As co-founders of the Future of Leadership initiative, MLI experts have talked to more than 250 global thought leaders about leadership in ten years of research, including Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, SAP CEO Bill McDermott, Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser, Harvard professor Barbara Kellerman and many others. We also use interactive dialogue formats to bring young talent together with experienced managers to discuss the challenges of leadership in the digital age.

Services of the MLI:

  • Consulting for top management in order to analyse development needs with regard to leadership competencies, leadership practice and relevant leadership knowledge,
  • Contemporary interventions and leadership development formats, for example in the context of management conferences and meetings: Leadership Labs, World Cafés, Design Thinking Sessions, Fishbowl Discussions, Interactive Dialogue Sessions and Keynotes,
  • First-class keynote speakers on current topics in leadership and organisation,
  • Tailor-made leadership development programs to support current transformation processes,
  • Innovative blended learning exchange formats for supra-regional or international management teams.

Strategic impulses through first-class Keynote Speakers

A selection of inspiring keynote speakers from our network can be found here:

Dr. Markus Deutschmann

Neuroscientist and practicing university Physician

Leadership and social dynamics – how leadership behaviour shapes thinking and acting in organisations

James Law

Cybertect and innovative though leader

How we people live in the cities of the future – and what that means for leadership

Prof. Barbara Kellerman

Professor of leadership at Harvard Kennedy School

Leadership needs followership

Leadership needs followership Leadership as a group-dynamic process

Sebastian Morgner

Managing Partner MLI Leadership Institute and Co-Founder of Future of Leadership Initiative

Leading in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Vision Y&Z: what young talents expect from working life and good leadership

Prof. Franz-Josef Radermacher

Futurologist and Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Ecosocial Leadership

The levers of true progress

David Rowan

Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Wired UK

Customer focus – how to ensure rapid growth with sensible business models

Prof. Barry Schwartz

Columnist New York Times, Psychologist and TED Senior Fellow

How to develop inner strength and use your intuition in a leadership role

Alan South

Pioneer of Design Thinking and former European head of Ideo

Leadership Innovation: What leadership can learn from Design Thinking

Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

University of St. Gallen and start-up entrepreneur

Human Centric Design as a strategic thinking model for contemporary leadership

Catalin Voss

Insider im Silicon Valley – hat als erster Deutscher Apps für Apple programmiert

What leadership in Europe can learn from Silicon Valley – and where it should go its own way

Do you need a top-class speaker who can give a decisive impulse to your current challenges? Talk to us!

Innovative leadership development formats for your management team

Based on our expertise in many complex transformation projects, we offer tailor-made programs that enable companies to empower their management teams to try out and implement new leadership approaches.

We can configure our leadership development formats according to the occasion:

as a two-hour keynote speech at a leadership team conference, as a half-day workshop in your office or as a one-day seminar tailored to the strategic context of your organisation.

Examples of MLI Leadership Development formats

Neuroscience Meets Leadership– how to change your organisation with social dynamics

Dr. Markus Deutschmann, University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland)

Sebastian Morgner, Managing Partner MLI Leadership Institute

Real Life VUCA Intervention: Your leadership team experiences normal madness in 90 minutes and recognises typical behaviour patterns under

MLI Facilitation Team

The Art of Delegating – how to achieve more commitment and effectiveness with agile rules

Sebastian Morgner, Managing Partner MLI Leadership Institute

Julia Friedl, MLI Expert

Recognise and Utilise Potential with the Gallup Strength Finder

Konrad Böhner, Partner MLI Leadership Institute

Champions League Meets Leadership – what managers can learn from soccer coaches

Mounir Zitouni, Sky Soccer Expert, Coach and former editor of the soccer magazine „Kicker“

Generation Y & Z– what young talents expect from a job and good leadership

Julia Friedl, MLI Expert

Reading Faces with Facial Expression Resonance: recognising what it’s really about

Sebastian Morgner, Managing Partner MLI Leadership Institute

Improvise Your Life: about dealing confidently with uncertainty and surprises

Dorothea Anzinger, practicing Impro Actress and Impro Coach

Value Chain Experience Mapping– how to radically align thinking with customer benefit

Sebastian Morgner, Managing Partner MLI Leadership Institute

Mindful Leadership – increase your impact as a leader with mindfulness

Jan Esswein, Certified MBSR Trainer and Germany’s most read Mindfulness Expert

Your contact person

lisa dorer

Lisa Dorer

Lisa Dorer is an MLI expert for Leadership Development and Design Thinking. In this function she supervises the further development and expansion of the MLI’s Leadership Development program. She is also responsible for the didactic design of interactive workshop formats and quality management.

+49 89 62838870


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