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Leadership Coaching

  • Top Coaching-Process
  • Qualified pool for individual leadership topics, e.g. Agile Coaces, Leadership Coaches & Life Coaches
  • Executive Assesments (Hogan, Gallup Stengths Finder)

Individual leadership coaching - efficient and effective

Leadership coaching is as diverse as the leaders and their challenges. Especially in periods of upheaval and strategic change, people with leadership responsibility need very specific support in order to be mentally vital and powerful.

Our performance

The MLI Leadership Institute has a carefully selected network of coaches who have outstanding expertise and experience in their fields.

  • Agile coaches
  • Leadership coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Experts for mental health and resilience
  • Experts for team development
  • Sales coaches
  • Experten for self-organisation
  • Communication coaches

Our goal is to put you in a powerful and vital state in your leadership role. We identify current hurdles and inner conflicts with you, work out options for action and effective solutions and thus ensure inner clarity and strength.








Zustand Effizienter Mentaler Leistungsfähigkeit

How we proceed

  1. In the MLI coach database our coaches and experts introduce themselves in short videos and with their competence profile.
  2. Your executives choose the coaching partner that best meets their expectations.
  3. In a first telephone call, they get to know each other and clarify their expectations of the coaching.
  4. The clarification meeting serves to formulate a concrete coaching goal.
  5. We recommend the Gallup Strengths Finder or the Hogan Leadership Assessment to determine your strengths and stress triggers in a 30-minute self-test. The corresponding reports provide a solid basis for a constructive coaching process.
  6. You discuss with your coach the best format to work on your goals: depending on the content, this can be Skype coachings or personal meetings – but coaching hikes or sailing trips are also possible.

We guarantee:

  • An absolutely protected room: what you discuss with your coach remains secret unless you explicitly agree otherwise,
  • Regular quality assurance: our coaches undergo continuous supervision and training,
  • Practical relevance: all our coaches have relevant practical experience.

Our contact person:

Konrad Böhner

Konrad Böhner is a partner in the MLI Leadership Institute. Due to his successful career in sales and as a former professional sportsman, he knows what is important when leading teams, how to motivate employees and how to fully exploit the potential of each individual.

+49 89 62838870


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