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Your company has recognised the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation, and your new strategy is ready – but management remains stuck in their old ways of thinking, and your employees are not sure how to implement the strategy. According to a recent survey by the Association of German Business Consultants, 60 percent of employees cannot explain their company’s strategy in a coherent way – from entry-level employees all the way to the management level.

Our expert teams are active in... 

Long-term transformation processes such as: 

The interactive design and definition of: 

  • Digitalization / Business model transformation

  • Sales and customer strategies

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Repositioning and Rebranding

  • Restructuring / Reorganization

  • Market and sales strategies

  • Leadership principles and behavior patterns

  • Organizational agility: new forms of collaboration
  • Increasing innovation potential

  • Vision, mission and workplace culture

Would you like to know concretely what StrategyActivation looks like when applied in real situations? Here is a summary…


Restructuring program in the automotive industry:

  • Interactively developed a common strategic mission alongside company leadership
  • Design of the “Big Picture” of the future at one of the company’s most important production sites, in collaboration with multipliers from all sectors
  • Activated communication through a descriptive and vivid Strategy Map as well as interactive workshops

Result: Based on the most contemporary cognitive methods, successful painting of a concrete picture of the future of the aforementioned production site: “Proud of Personal Performance” and “Daily Challenges, Core Competencies, Added Value and New Habits” produce a secure future. Illustrated potential barriers and a vision of the path to new markets.

U.S. market entry strategy for a “hidden champion” in the automotive supplier industry:

  • Within five weeks, more than 70 construction foremen across the U.S. were interviewed on the phone regarding the current status quo and performance expectations held by customers
  • We developed an effective market entry strategy based on identified “Moments of Truth” for target customers
  • To address cultural differences, we applied modern, vivid cognition and creativity techniques to help project stakeholders commit to a common goal and strategy

Result: Construction of a highly-profitable U.S. business within two years.


Development of a digitalization strategy for an internationally active investment company:

  • Activation of a gridlocked online project that after an entire year still remained in general concept status
  • After an intensive review, we put together a task force based on technical qualifications and personal approach
  • In one week on a remote corner of the Alps, via the MLI Rapid-Facilitation Technique we developed a vivid, storyboard-based overall plan for the company’s digital services, electronic trading platform and business partner acquisition model

Result: New York research firm Kasina chose this company’s online platform as one of the Top 3 Websites in Europe that year.


Design and Activation of a Europe-wide consulting model for a large European bank’s premium clientele:

  • Putting together an international team of experts
  • Customer Experience Labs in order to identify “Moments of Truth” in the actual experiences of target clients; compared the bank’s perception of itself to the external perception held by selected clients
  • The team collaboratively analysed the cultural differences and country-specific standards of clients, while exploring uniform processes and quality criteria of the global finance market

Result: Development of a new standardized Europe-wide consulting approach to private banking.


Diversity initiative in a large international service provider:

  • Diversity initiative in collaboration with a comprehensive team spanning company units and hierarchy, drawing the discussion away from gender-specific roles and opportunities in favor of defining a set of key competencies that were decisive for future business success
  • Visually illustrated new Diversity Strategy and launch of an activation initiative

Result: The new diversity initiative measurably decreased gender-based resistance, leading to a new idea and innovation culture in the workplace through triggering a change in perspectives.


Activation of an international digitalization strategy at a globally leading insurance company:

  • Clarified expectations and mental pictures among key people
  • Developed and visually illustrated common mission with the involvement of 150 members of company leadership and 100 employees
  • Communicated strategy by activating and interactive means
  • Facilitated workshop for all leadership and their respective teams to clarify personal understanding of strategy, internalize strategy, and define personal contribution to the strategy

Result: Substantial rise in employee engagement and buy-in with the strategy.


Worldwide Learning Week at a leading global financial service provider:

  • Global Kick-Off Event to activate digitalization strategy
  • Combination of worldwide presentations, e-Activation modules, an international team project and an on-site “Activity Game” as a live simulation of success-critical behavior patterns

Result: More than 1,000 employees from over 20 countries left with an engaging understanding of their personal contribution in the context of their corporation’s global digitalization strategy.


Leadership Dialogue in a large energy corporation:

  • Development of a set of the most important values and principles for contemporary leadership with selected leadership from all continents through Leadership Labs utilizing MLI Design Thinking principles
  • Visually illustrated and emotionalized aforementioned values and principles via activation methods
  • Worldwide leadership in a directed dialogue process to clarify and give feedback on the core values and principles that were concretely experienced in everyday leadership roles

Result: Creation of international program to enable management’s maximum agility and ability to adapt.

Consumer Goods

Activation of an Omni-channel strategy at a leading international electronics retailer:

  • Determined the significant “Moments of Truth” that shaped clients’ stance toward the business
  • Developed an integrated mission within the framework of a comprehensive Leadership Coalition formed by company leadership and employees
  • Vividly communicated the strategy in the form of a Strategy Map
  • Led Activating “Moments of Truth” Campaign with all employees to achieve key understanding and direct focus within the organization on crucial behavior patterns

Result: Contrary to the fears of sales team, the number of participants in online offers was significantly higher than anticipated.


Repositioning of a consumer goods producer:

  • Repositioning of an out-of-fashion traditional brand into a “premium manufacturer” in only a few weeks, drawing on a team of private equity experts and company leadership
  • Without changing the product spectrum or design, positioning of the brand to cater to a completely new target group with stronger purchasing power
  • Customized newly-activated value proposition to the spirit of the target customer group on the basis of consumer insight analyses
  • In subsequent projects, rigorous translation of the new positioning into the brand, sales and B2B communication units to create a new attention-grabbing approach at point-of-sale (POS)

Result: Significant double-digit rise in profit margins.

IT & Telco

Development of a new business mission within the framework of international Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activities at a leading technology corporation:

  • Competition analysis: Comparison of business mission statements regarding their potential to effectively Activate and motivate stakeholders
  • Clarified and defined expectations and mental pictures regarding the company’s mission
  • Workshop for the executive board to develop a mission that told an exciting story about the future of the company
  • Development a modular communication and activation plan for various groups of stakeholders, which included answering the “Why?” question, principles of collaboration, as well as vivid Signature Stories

Result: Measurably higher understanding of collective strategy and buy-in, particularly among employees of the firm that was taken over.


Clear definition and communication of marketing strategy at a leading telecommunications firm:

  • Concretely defined and designed strategic priorities with executive board
  • Designed and visually illustrated company mission with the involvement of over 100 employees to achieve maximum credibility and authenticity
  • Self-explaining workshop format to clarify personal contribution and role on a team-level: activated thousands of employees in only a few weeks

Result: Enormous increase in employee engagement and agreement with strategy.


Activation of leadership team in a large international health care cooperation:

  •  “Moments of Truth Discovery” sessions with leadership from various countries to identify and analyse success-critical moments in everyday work of company leadership
  • Development of role model behavior patterns and an activating and motivating presentation concept
  • Designed content and didactic elements of a team-building format for 350 international leaders
  • Real-life business simulation: a 2-hour interactive “customer-centered” business game that simulated success-critical moments (which were unclear, complex and/or dilemmatic), creating the possibility for maximum experiential learning

Result: Common understanding of leadership culture and roles, development of a unified “global team” spirit.


Innovation Labs for an international non-profit organisation in Berlin and Silicon Valley

  • Selected “Innovation Teams” of employees from different sectors external experts and target customers
  • Evaluated social entreperneurial ideas with experts and representatives from the “Start-Up” scene in Silicon Valley and Berlin

Result: Presentation of an “Social Innovation Portfolio” to the board; selection of strategic initiatives.


Turn-around plan for a consulting firm:

  • Based on the core competencies of the consultants, we analysed the firm’s present services with respect to added benefits for clients and then developed a wider range of solutions to act as additional income sources

Result: In just one year, the redesigned portfolio led to a tripling of profits and a 40% growth in sales.


Set-up of a new division and an innovative business management system in a large service provider:

  • Design of and support through an activating transformation initiative to build a new business division
  • Systematic gathering of expectations and standard requirements of lucrative target groups through customer insight interviews and a “Moments that Matter” Discovery Lab – an interactive format involving potential clients and affected employees
  • Re-shaping of business management system based on the points of customer contact that were identified as having the highest impact on customer perception