StrategyActivation is not everything, but without activation every strategy is nothing

MLI is more than a classic management consultancy: we combine proven approaches to strategy implementation with new findings from cognitive research and innovative strategy communication.

In our activation programs, we look ahead. How would we recognize 100% of the success of the new strategy in the near future? How would employees recognize it? How would customers perceive it? Then we win active supporters for this concrete goal and visualize it as a big picture. In this way we tell strategy as an exciting story about the future of your company.

When it comes down to strategy execution we intuitively promote cross-functional collaboration in those moments in everyday working life with the greatest leverage for future success (Moments that matter). StrategyActivation also means that we connect "live" and "digital" in the transformation process, just as you are used to in all other areas of life.

The results:

  • Significant reduction of expenses for external coaches or trainers – without loss of quality in methods and didactics.
  • Significant time savings through autonomously acting and digitally linked teams instead of centrally organized workshop cascades – without giving up the "live exchange" of perspectives and thoughts.
  • Significant reductions in travel costs – without sacrificing the joint development of cross-departmental and cross-national solutions and best practices.
  • Better and systematically understanding of the organization - without further surveys but with big data analyses for better decisions and interventions on the basis of in-depth inforamtion.


MLI StrategyActivation leads to quantifiable results: