Strategy activation experts

How do you bring complex strategies into action?

The MLI has a comprehensive portfolio of strategy activation projects We have helped more than 1,000 top managers in 14 industries to coordinate their strategic ideas. Digital and analog strategy activation formats have helped 15,000 executives and more than a quarter of a million employees in 48 countries internalise and put strategies into practice.

Strategic Vision & Mission Statement (project examples)

Portfolio Strategische Vision und Leitbildentwicklung

A common visionhas the purpose of swearing in very different people to a common goal. It offers orientation in everyday life and helps to set priorities.

What does your strategic vision look like? This vision of a desirable future was developed in two days as part of the Vision Y project with 80 digital natives from Munich state universities and then presented as a visual image at the Future of Leadership Conference.

Sector: Semiconductor industry

Development of a new mission statement

  • Objective: To develop a common vision of the future after the takeover of a competitor.
  • Key: Strategic alignment and development of a convincing narrative* in the executive committee.
    *Inspiring story about the future of your own company
  • Activation: Team vision workshops at locations in eight countries, where management teams concretely demonstrated their contribution to the overall strategy.

Industry: Insurance

Vision building global digitalisation strategy

  • Goal: Unified vision to better coordinate international activities and create global team spirit
  • Key: Development of a vision with an international executive team and multipliers on the metaphor “Digital Olympics”
  • Activation: Interactive strategy communication via folding maps and a global “Strategy Learning Week” at 40 locations in 14 countries

Industry sector: Technology

Visualisation of global HR strategy

  • Goal: Design of a motivating and future-oriented HR strategy with HR managers, HR business partners and young talents
  • Key: Visualisation as “Global Village” and interactive presentation at the global HR conference with 500 participants
  • Activation: HR vision workshops in 22 countries with 4,000 HR executives to achieve a common understanding worldwide.

Sector: Public law institutions

Future dialogue Munich metropolitan region

  • Objective: Development and visualisation of a common mission statement for the Munich metropolitan region (future map)
  • Key: Activating design of an interactive future dialogue between more than 600 representatives from business, science and politics
  • Activation: Interactive presentation and discussion via IHK Oberbayern website

Sector: Telecommunications

Corporate vision building

  • Objective: Common vision and self-conception as “convergent system provider” after the merger of two telecommunications companies
  • Key: Consulting and facilitation of both management teams in the development of a common vision
  • Activation: Interactive placement to 25,000 employees in just two weeks using a train-the-trainer approach for all executives.

Industry: Adult education

Development of a digitalisation strategy with agile methods

  • Goal: Bundling resources and reducing complexity
  • Key: Development of a holistic digitalisation strategy along the customer experience of post-graduate students with methods of design thinking
  • Impact: Initial 30 initiatives grouped into four main programs which were implemented by action teams in monthly sprints

Agile Strategy Implementation (project examples)

Agile Strategy Implementation

Agile strategy implementation maximises the effectiveness of leadership work by minimizing coordination effort, synchronizing line and project teams, and maximizing clarity, transparency, and collective learning.

Industry: Insurance

Agile implementation of the digitalisation strategy

  • Goal: To achieve technological sustainability
  • Key: Strategic dialogue between the new IT Executive Board and 60 managers; joint development of central goals and key results – responsibility for implementation by action teams
  • Effect: Implementation of strategic content in quarterly “sprints” – every quarter review and retrospective in the leadership team.

Industry sector: Energy

Agile implementation of a European business model for smart homes

  • Goal: Rapid market launch of a Europe-wide smart home solution
  • Key: Development of a joint customer vision with managers from nine countries and the head office as well as identification of the central success levers through “Customer Experience Mapping” along the value chain.
  • Effect: Agile implementation of the business model in quarterly sprints and Activations Days to ensure maximum transparency between all parties involved.

Industry: Banks

Agile implementation of a uniform consulting approach for premium customers

  • Goal: Bundling of the entire consulting expertise in the customer discussion
  • Key: Survey of best-practice approaches in four local markets – design of an optimal consulting experience with target customers and employees
  • Activation: Training of 500 consultants from Private Banking for the “Moments of Truth” during strategy implementation (analysis interview and strategy discussion with customers)

Sector: Service industry

Agile communication of corporate culture to 7,000 executives

  • Goal: a uniform understanding of leadership in 40 countries
  • Key: In-depth interviews and panels with board members and multipliers as well as agile implementation of a global platform to develop the principles of corporate culture interactively and playfully.
  • Effect: Discussion and concretisation by 7,000 executives in moderated sessions

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

A strategic transformation poses challenges especially for people in leadership roles. The competent MLI expert and coach pool offers individual support in complex situations.

Industry: Insurance

Coaching of top executives in digital transformation

  • Goal: Overcoming individual hurdles in the leadership role
  • Key: Hogan Leadership Assessment to identify individual potentials and stress triggers
  • Activation: Coaching of 60 executives of the IT division “on the job”

Sector: Financial services

Individual strengthening of managers

  • Goal: Change in the mindset of sales executives
  • Key: Analysis of strength potentials with the Gallup Strengths Finder
  • Activation: Individual strength coaching with agile coaches, sales coaches and resilience experts

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Leadership Journey with top management

  • Objective: Strengthening the management team in the run-up to a change of ownership
  • Key: Connecting VUCA interventions, impro-simulations and exchanges with patients to reflect on common appearance in “Moments of Truth”.
  • Effect: Two-day “city tour” of the top management to optimise their cooperation from different perspectives and to prepare for a strenuous phase.

Leadership Innovation

Leadership Innovation 299_AMOS_MANAGEMENT_OFFSITE_VUCA_2016

We live in a timein which social and technological changes demand a new form of leadership. The MLI focuses on strong cognitive impulses and interventions to make people in management positions fit for the demands of tomorrow:

Industry: Technology

Crisis simulation for complex mega-projects

  • Goal: Establishment of a task force for crisis intervention in global infrastructure projects
  • Key: Design and simulation of an international crisis scenario
  • Effect: Learning through intensive self-awareness and derivation of global standards for project managers of mega-projects

Sector: Financial services

Agile leadership development in the context of digital transformation

  • Goal: Enabling managers to actively implement digital transformation
  • Key: Agile leadership development program where 150 executives receive information, tools or impulses to solve current challenges, depending on their current needs. Identification of common leadership challenges: e.g. introduction of new strategic roles, agile working methods
  • Effect: Implementation of competencies in day-to-day management via quarterly sprints and reflection in peer coaching teams

VUCA Intervention

Industry: Insurances

  • Goal: Self-awareness of stress triggers and coping strategies in a complex environment
  • Key: One-day VUCA simulation in the form of a business simulation with conflicting interests of various stakeholders, budget cuts and market changes
  • Effect: Dynamic group development in the context of an entertaining, challenging interaction – recognition of one’s own behaviour patterns under stress.