On the tour bus in New York City

What do effective leadership and the tour guide above have in common?

The man with the megaphone is guiding the attention of his guests towards the essentials. He is familiarizing the tourists with the city by explaining context, creating an engaging story out of the significant points of interest. Successful leaders do the same: they focus their colleagues’ sights on the essential elements that decisively influence business success, while firmly anchoring the business strategy in everyone’s mind. 

Today, in the digital era, ever more actors are competing for an ever scarcer resource: our attention. Digitalization and disruptive business models are creating deep effects on everyday work life, demanding more agility and flexibility from leadership and employees than ever before.

Fortunately, the Munich Leadership Institut (MLI) – based in Munich and with offices in London and Basel – specializes precisely on this challenge. We are a trusted partner and Think Tank for StrategyActivation.

Why does MLI exist?

Research shows that a majority of strategic initiatives do not fulfill agreed-upon expectations, while a quarter of all projects fail completely.

Primary reasons? Abstract, unclear goal-setting and unresolved competing interests. In the hectic reality of the workplace, valuable business experience and expertise go regularly underutilized. MLI StrategyActivation addresses this situation, helping businesses and organizations to more effectively reach their objectives and strengthen their competitiveness in sustainable ways. 

How does MLI work?

StrategyActivation is not everything. But without activation, strategy is nothing.

Knowing this, MLI combines tried-and-tested management approaches with contemporary findings of cognitive science and Design Thinking. We enable a unified understanding within businesses going through complex digitalization projects, significant change or repositioning initiatives, while supporting constructive collaboration and the personal responsibility of all stakeholders in strategy implementation.  

Our services:

  • MLI StrategyActivation: We activate strategies in everyday work life and support our clients in re-orientation processes, business model updates and important change and sales initiatives. 
  • MLI Research: We lead studies on significant contemporary leadership topics alongside various collaborating partners, while drawing upon the experience and knowledge of internationally-renowned thought leaders and decision-makers.
  • MLI LeadershipDialogue: Every year we bring together top executives from industry, thought leaders from business, science and the public sector, decision-makers and talented young professionals from the best universities in Germany for interactive explorations of leadership.