On the tour bus in New York City

What do effective leadership and the tour guide above have in common?

The man with the megaphone is guiding the attention of his guests towards the essentials. He is familiarizing the tourists with the city by explaining context, creating an engaging story out of the significant points of interest. Successful leaders do the same: they focus their colleagues’ sights on the essential elements that decisively influence business success, while firmly anchoring the business strategy in everyone’s mind. 

Today, in the digital era, ever more actors are competing for an ever scarcer resource: our attention. Digitalization and disruptive business models are creating deep effects on everyday work life, demanding more agility and flexibility from leadership and employees than ever before.

Fortunately, the Munich Leadership Institut (MLI) – based in Munich and with offices in London and Basel – specializes precisely on this challenge. We are a trusted partner and Think Tank for StrategyActivation.

Who we are and what we mean by leadership

The digital transformation presents a challenge for companies. Today, you have to be able to do more than just develop and implement strategies: You have to constantly adapt quickly and never stop learning. At the same time, the people who work in companies want to find some meaning in what they do. They want to create benefits with their work – for society as well.

The Munich Leadership Institute (MLI) helps you breath life into your strategy and unify business and employee interests. The MLI is more than just a classic management-consultancy firm: We combine proven approaches to strategy implementation with new findings in cognitive research and innovative strategic communication. Our team works with you to translate your corporate strategy: into an exciting and inspiring story about the future of your own company, on the one hand, and into concrete actions for everyday work life, on the other hand.

Our experience shows that strategy activation works when leaders manage to turn abstract ideas into concrete objectives – and get their teams excited about them. That is because strategies flourish when people believe in them and understand how they can make a personal contribution to mutual success.

 We help you gain clarity and generate enthusiasm. We bring strategy to life and point out the right path that will fit your individual departments. We see synergies and use them. That is how we avoid isolated solutions and silos.

The value of a strategy is no longer based solely on sales goals but also on the number of people who embrace it. The more people you can convince of your strategy, the more valuable it becomes.We establish a new, dynamic understanding of leadership together with you – To help you achieve your strategic goals faster, prepare your company for the future, open it even further to innovation, and make it more attractive to the next generation of leaders.