Open MLI Programmes: Future Skills for Agile Leadership

Do you want to handle complexity and uncertainty confidently in your leadership role?

Do you want to understand how to influence social dynamics and win active supporters for your goals?

Do you want to prepare yourself for the leadership challenges in the age of digitalisation and artificial intelligence?

Then the programs of the MLI Academy are the right thing for you: You can use relevant cognitive research findings in practice and transfer them to your situation in order to take leadership more effectively.

The programs are based on the findings of the Future of Leadership Initiative, founded by the MLI. In research projects on the future competencies of leadership, we have analysed success patterns of contemporary leadership in in-depth interviews with 150 global thought leaders and in the interaction with more than 500 decision-makers, and didactically prepared them effectively.

Agile meets Leadership

08. & 09. October 2020      Berlin   

29. & 30. October 2020      Zurich

Virtual Agile meets Leadership

27. August & 01. & 04. September 2020virtual

10. & 12. & 17. November 2020                 virtual

Neuroscience meets Leadership

23. & 24. October 2020    Munich        

Please contact us for further dates.                        

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How do you take an agile lead in a complex environment? How do you quickly lead a team to peak performance?

This unique program makes the leadership principles of an agile working environment tangible. You use agile methods to develop a strategic prototype in the shortest possible time. A concrete case study shows how to successfully introduce agile structures. Two experienced experts are available to answer your practical questions.

The target groups are executives, project managers and internal thought leaders.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: German
  • Dates 2020:
    08. & 09. October 2020 in Berlin
    29. / 30. October 2020 in Zurich

    Virtual Agile meets Leadership

    27. August & 01. & 04. September 2020

    10. & 12. & 17. November 2020              

How does one remain clear and focused as a human being in the age of information overload? Which thought patterns increase our mental performance and vitality?

How can we constructively influence group dynamics and change processes in a leadership role?

How can goals be formulated in a brain-friendly way so that they activate our conscious thinking and intuition?

Neuroscientist Markus Deutschmann and strategist Sebastian Morgner have combined their expertise to create an extraordinary program. As a participant you analyse your current professional and private situation, recognise constructive and limiting patterns. You develop a vision for the next phase of life and an effective agile implementation plan.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: German
  • Dates 2020:
    23. & 24. October 2020

Goals should inspire people in everyday life to come up with good solutions and direct the focus of an organisation towards desirable results.

In this program, you’ll learn from concrete case studies how to put strategies into action agilely and what has made companies like Intel, Google or Adobe so successful. They have abolished bureaucratic processes, introduced a new form of participation and established an effective management system with OKR (Objectives & Key Results) and regular feedback routines:

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: German
  • Dates 2020:
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  • Highest content standards, based on our research results and the input of global thought leaders,
  • Each course is led by a duo of experts,
  • Interactive didactic design – based on cognitive research findings,
  • Direct transfer of the findings into the individual work context,
  • Individual follow-up coachings (on request),
  • Leadership certificate upon successful completion of each program.

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lisa dorer

Lisa Dorer

Lisa Dorer is an MLI Expert for Leadership Development and Design Thinking. In this function she supervises the further development and expansion of the MLI’s Leadership Development program. She is also responsible for the didactic design of interactive workshop formats and quality management.

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