The MLI Advisory Council

The MLI Advisory Council is a body of carefully selected experts who, through their research, have decisively influenced and advanced the field of strategy activation and the role of leadership in success-critical times of change. In addition, they are well-respected advisors, who also have targeted involvement in MLI’s consultancy briefs depending on program phase and focus.

Prof. Nina Leffers, University of Regensburg

Nina Leffers holds the Chair for International Management at the University of Regensburg. She studied at the Universities of Münster, Urbana-Champaign (Illinois, USA) and Jinan (Shandong, China). She subsequently gained her doctorate under Professor Meffert in Münster. Most recently, she was Consultant and Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Comp., Inc. specializing in growth and internationalization strategies, specifically in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.

Madeleine von Mohl, Founder and CEO betahaus Berlin

Co-working means working together across departmental, functional and even corporate boundaries. Madeleine von Mohl firmly believes that what matters is qualification and not hierarchy. As Founder and CEO of betahaus, the largest co-working space in Europe with locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia and Barcelona, Madeleine von Mohl is an expert when it comes to building leadership coalitions that span hierarchies and departments. Since 2009, she has been organizing the StartupCall betapitch, now in eight European cities. While studying History, she became involved in the Politikfabrik, a student agency for political communication and well known for the Wahl-o-mat (photo: Maximilian Knop).

Prof. Dr. Patrizia Nanz, University of Bremen

Patrizia Nanz is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bremen. For more than ten years, she has been researching “the future of democracy” and is considered in Europe to be an influential expert in civil society involvement and public participation. Contrary to the much lamented diagnosis of political indifference, she is of the opinion that, while citizens increasingly have the feeling of having very little influence on politics, they are still very much interested and involved in politics. Together with Archon Fung from Harvard University, she launched, a Wiki platform for practitioners and researchers that captures, describes and evaluates public participation initiatives from around the world. In 2009, she founded the European Institute for Public Participation (EIPP).

Prof. Ruedi Müller-Beyeler, University of Technology and Commerce, Chur

For 30 years, Prof. Ruedi Alexander Müller-Beyeler has been working on how companies and individuals can effectively communicate. He is a founding partner of Tatin Scoping Complexity, a group of specialized micro-companies offering strategy communication and strategy design. Previously, he was Chairman and CEO of Nose Design in Zürich, a brand consultancy of which he was a co-founder. Since 2010, he has been managing the Multimedia Production Institute and study course at the University for Technology and Commerce HTW, Chur. In his teachings and research there, he is currently working on media convergence.

Thomas Perry, Managing Director, Q Agency for Research

Thomas Perry began his career with polis GmbH in Munich in the field of political and social research, and advised customers on electioneering and campaigning. Starting in 1995, he established the Research competence center at Kohtes Klewes (now Ketchum Pleon) and headed up the PR Planning and PR Evaluation function. From 1998 until 2009, he was a director at Sinus Sociovision in Heidelberg, responsible for customers from institutions and companies across a wide range of sectors. His key competences are in research and consultancy on target groups, marketing and communications strategies and innovation evaluation, as well as future consultancy. Together with Dr. Joop de Vries, he developed methods and consultancy products for the futures sector. Since July 1, 2009, Thomas Perry has been Partner and Managing Director at the Q Agency for Research in Mannheim.