Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI).

Innovative leadership development formats for your management team

The MLI is the initiator of the Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI).

The Future of Leadership Initiative regularly brings together global thought leaders, senior executives and young talent to work together on key leadership challenges in the digital age.

The aim of the Future of Leadership Initiative is to develop innovative leadership tools and approaches for pressing issues that can be used simply and effectively in day-to-day leadership.

In recent years, we have brought together over 1,000 inspiring people and dealt with topics such as…

  • How Do you Recognise True Progress?
  • Vision Y – the vision of a desirable future from the point of view of Generation Y
  • Meaning@Work – what can leadership do to promote meaning and significance in working life?
  • The Truth behind Innovation – how do you design a system that systematically generates innovation?
  • Leadership in Times of Intelligent Machines – how will leadership through artificial intelligence change?

The FLI honors role models who have taken the lead with new and innovative approaches with the Future of Leadership Award. Winners have been so far:

  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which provides everyone in the world with access to information and knowledge and makes the most of the collective potential of a huge authorship.
  • CIYOTA COBURWAS, a self-organised refugee project in Uganda.
    Here, young people have set up their own school system without any financial support in a refugee camp near the border to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Driven by the vision to provide education for their fellow human beings, they have succeeded in strengthening the sense of community, reducing crime among young people and increasing the proportion of girls with school-leaving qualifications from 10% to 80%.
  • TUM Hyperloop Team: The team of the Technical University of Munich has actually managed to win the Hyperloop competition announced by the American visionary and entrepreneur Elon Musk twice in a row among 900 participating universities worldwide. Each time, their construction moved at the highest speed through the tunnel tube in California. What is so special about it: the team works self-organised and 100% out of personal interest. In addition, they completely rejected their design after winning the first competition and (successfully) started from scratch again.

Future of Leadership Award

As part of the Future of Leadership Initiative, the MLI awards a prize to people who have achieved something unique with their leadership. Winners have been so far:


Co-Founder Wikipedia


refugee organsation


refugee organsation