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Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI).

Innovative leadership development formats for your management team

The MLI is the initiator of the Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI).

The Future of Leadership Initiative regularly brings together global thought leaders, senior executives and young talent to work together on key leadership challenges in the digital age.

The aim of the Future of Leadership Initiative is to develop innovative leadership tools and approaches for pressing issues that can be used simply and effectively in day-to-day leadership.

In recent years, we have brought together over 1,000 inspiring people and dealt with topics such as…

  • How Do you Recognise True Progress?
  • Vision Y – the vision of a desirable future from the point of view of Generation Y
  • Meaning@Work – what can leadership do to promote meaning and significance in working life?
  • The Truth behind Innovation – how do you design a system that systematically generates innovation?
  • Leadership in Times of Intelligent Machines – how will leadership through artificial intelligence change?

The FLI honors role models who have taken the lead with new and innovative approaches with the Future of Leadership Award. Winners have been so far:

  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which provides everyone in the world with access to information and knowledge and makes the most of the collective potential of a huge authorship.
  • CIYOTA COBURWAS, a self-organised refugee project in Uganda.
    Here, young people have set up their own school system without any financial support in a refugee camp near the border to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Driven by the vision to provide education for their fellow human beings, they have succeeded in strengthening the sense of community, reducing crime among young people and increasing the proportion of girls with school-leaving qualifications from 10% to 80%.
  • TUM Hyperloop Team: The team of the Technical University of Munich has actually managed to win the Hyperloop competition announced by the American visionary and entrepreneur Elon Musk twice in a row among 900 participating universities worldwide. Each time, their construction moved at the highest speed through the tunnel tube in California. What is so special about it: the team works self-organised and 100% out of personal interest. In addition, they completely rejected their design after winning the first competition and (successfully) started from scratch again.

Future of Leadership Award

As part of the Future of Leadership Initiative, the MLI awards a prize to people who have achieved something unique with their leadership. Winners have been so far:


Co-Founder Wikipedia


refugee organsation


refugee organsation

Michael Althauser

Expert for communication & conflict resolution with theatre methods

Michael Althauser is a trainer, coach and actor. His deep interest in people, in their history and stories, their private and professional roles, in change and transformation led him some 25 years ago to his work as an actor (theatre, dance, corporate theatre), into the media (radio and presenting) and on to work as a trainer and coach.

Fabian Fratzscher

Coach & Advisor for Leadership and Corporate Entrepreneurship

The joy of quality characterises his actions: Fabian Fratzscher is an entrepreneur, consultant and coach. He holds both an M.Sc. in coaching and organisational development and an MBA and has undergone numerous further education and certifications in coaching, training, project management, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. He helps to find suitable frameworks to integrate passion and entrepreneurial thinking into a field of work and to enable leaps in innovation. Fabian has gained a broad experience and reliable expertise in dozens of companies within his 5+ years of self-employment.

Lisa Dorer

Head of Leadership Innovation /
Product and Quality Management

Lisa Dorer is an expert for Leadership Innovation and Design Thinking at the MLI. In this function, she oversees the further development and expansion of the MLI’s leadership development programme. She is also responsible for the didactic design of interactive workshop formats and the area of product and quality management. Lisa Dorer has a Master’s degree in Business Development and most recently worked at Siemens’ Global Learning Campus. Here she was in charge of designing and implementing leadership programmes for global executives. In her free time, she loves to spend time in nature hiking or playing games with family and friends.

Martin Gürster

Consultant Leadership Innovation

Martin Gürster studied industrial engineering with a focus on entrepreneurship in Munich and New York. He holds a Master’s degree in Innovation Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and is currently completing a part-time postgraduate course in Business Ethics and Leadership at the Munich School of Philosophy. Prior to joining MLI, Martin worked for a fintech startup and in management consulting, among other positions. He specialises in topics that lie at the intersection of business, psychology and philosophy. In his free time, you can meet him in good weather either mountain biking, at the lake or in the beer garden.

Tanja Humphries

Office Management

Tanja is the good soul of the MLI. As a team assistant, she takes care of office management and scheduling, supports the core team in administrative and technical matters and keeps track of bookkeeping and accounting. The trained hotel manageress lived in England for several years and worked in sales for a supplier company before joining the MLI. Tanja has two children and lives with her family in Munich.

Celia Morgner

Personnel & Organisational Development

Celia is part of the founding team of the MLI and today takes care of personnel matters and the expansion of the MLI network. She also supports the team with organisational tasks and is happy to take on the role of final editor. After graduating in Romance studies and business administration, she worked as an editor for trade magazines in the media and marketing sector before joining what is now Sport1 Medien AG (formerly Constantin Medien AG, before that EM.TV) as a press spokesperson. In addition to her three children, she is passionate about singing and poetry and gives voluntary tutoring in languages.

Isabelle Geppert

Support Leadership Innovation
& Product Development

Isabelle supports the team in the area of research and in the further development of virtual client formats. Previously, she gained experience at Kienbaum Consultants in the area of management development and was entrusted with the introduction and evaluation of an internal training programme at censhare AG. Isabelle studied psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and is currently completing her Master’s degree at Leopold-Franzens-Universität in Innsbruck. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the mountains or making herself comfortable on the balcony with a cup of tea and a book.

Anne Sander

Project Manager Strategy Activation

As a former strategy consultant for well-known consultancies, Anne Sander knows the challenges companies face at the interface between strategy formulation and strategy activation. In her role as Project Manager Strategy Activation, Anne at MLI supports her clients in putting formulated strategies into action. She studied business administration and business psychology and has completed training as a neurosystemic coach. She prefers to switch off her head in the gym and when hiking, as well as when enjoying “cucina e vino” with friends.

Cömert Demir

Support Media Design & FLI Podcast

Cömert Demir studies communication design at the Macromedia Academy and is responsible for the design of the MLI’s website (MLI and Future of Leadership Initiative). He is also in charge of the FLI podcast, in which Sebastian Morgner has been interviewing thought leaders from business, science and society on new leadership topics since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. In his spare time, Cömert coaches the junior football team of SC München Süd and enjoys taking photographs in nature.

Kristin Bub

Expert for organisational development
and centred leadership

Kristin Bub is a trainer, consultant and coach for decision-making culture in teams as well as leadership culture and leadership development. Her focus is on mindset/behaviour change and mindful leadership. Kristin is experienced in facilitation and strategy development and has broad expertise in resilience, self-leadership and stress management. The business psychologist has worked for 16 years as a specialist and manager in the field of human resources development (automotive, retail, IT) and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management (FOM) and the University of Witten/Herdecke.

Ralph Willmann von Giese

Expert for Corporate Theatre, Trainer and Coach in the area of conflict resolution & team development

For Ralph, leadership means first and foremost self-leadership. In this process, he supports and empowers people to act authentically from their own centre – with awareness of their own values, strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, he accompanies leaders with his 20 years of experience as an executive coach and systemic constellator and 35 years as an actor and director.

Denniz Dönmez

Expert for Agile Leadership & Design Thinking

Broad experience in a dozen global cultures of different industries on four continents have shaped Denniz. For him, “one size fits all” does not exist. Denniz has guided many teams and organisations to create structures for self-organisation and agility. For several years, he has led several teams in scaled agile set-ups of large companies, including Swisscom Health AG. Denniz Dönmez is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master and expert in organisational development and Agile transformation. With his approach, he has been intelligently combining technology, management and organisational psychology for 10 years.

Michaela Schröder

Expert for Change Processes and Business Coaching

Michaela has been supporting companies in strategic projects as well as leaders and teams in their professional development for many years. In her consulting work and as a business coach, she conveys a passion for change and agile management. For Michaela, the key success factors are transparency, focusing on the essentials and involving employees as experts. From 15 years of project and leadership experience in the media industry, she has gathered extensive expertise in the areas of business innovation and digitalisation.

Nina Zitouni

Leadership Coach, Expert for Personality Development, Team and Conflict Management

Lifting “gold treasures” at all levels, initiating developments with an eye for the whole. Finding hidden potential. Developing skills. Improve communication. Bring about change – in oneself, in the team or in the company. Consistent change of perspective, loving confrontation paired with creative-strategic thinking, high communication and contact skills distinguish the media scientist and world traveller. Seeing the world through different eyes is her principle. Nina looks back on several years of leadership experience in the financial sector and at various agencies and has been accompanying teams and executives in transformation processes for around 15 years.  

Markus Deutschmann

Senior Physician at the University Hospital Zurich, Founder of ACCESS-Neuroscience

After completing his doctorate, medical studies and research on Genetic Neurosciences at the University of Munich, University College London and Stanford University, Markus works as a senior physician at the University Hospital Zurich. In his workshops and seminars and keynotes, he shows how scientific findings can be translated into understandable and implementable strategies for personal and entrepreneurial development. Markus also acts as a speaker and is the founder of ACCESS-Neuroscience.

Heike Heidenreich

Senior Advisor Strategy, Change
& Leadership communication

Wherever strategy, communication and organisational development meet, Heike Heidenreich’s heart beats faster. She advises and accompanies all kinds of change projects based on her profound expertise as a strategy communicator for an international DAX insurer and as a senior executive. Whether it is a digitalisation initiative, a restructuring, a change of CEO, a cost reduction programme or a new performance management system: her main concern is strategy activation, whereby she focuses in particular on the success-critical role of executives as co-designers and transmission belts in translating, enabling and accompanying.

Konrad Böhner

Business Coach & Expert for strength-oriented team development

Konrad Böhner can look back on many years of experience in management development and sales. Through several stations abroad, the business economist has a good feeling for the sounds “in between” and can thus optimally adapt to his clients. Due to his successful career in sales and as a former professional athlete, he knows what is important when leading teams, how to motivate employees and how to fully utilise the potential of each individual. Konrad Böhner is a certified Neuland business trainer and trained coach.

Konrad Stadler

Expert for Cultural Change & Leadership Coach

Konrad Stadler got to know organisations from the inside by working with different hierarchical levels and company divisions – a great advantage for being able to realistically assess strategy and change processes. Today, he accompanies companies in their cultural change, focusing on the training and support of managers. For him, it is crucial to gain a clear awareness of the management and leadership role in order to be able to take action with skill and flair. Konrad combines his practical experience with his philosophical training and condenses this into lectures and books.

Mounir Zitouni

Business Coach & Media Advisor

As an expert in charisma, personality and leadership principles, business coach, mental coach for football coaches and managers, media consultant and author, Mounir Zitouni has a wealth of experience. He finds it easy to engage with a wide variety of people, to show them new perspectives, to strengthen resources and to formulate goals. His work focuses on change processes, professional and personal crisis situations and profile work. Mounir is a trained journalist and currently runs the podcast LEADERTALK.

Sebastian Morgner

Managing Partner, Leadership Expert
& Strategy Coach

Sebastian Morgner is co-founder and partner of the MLI. As an expert in leadership and strategy development, he supports management teams in clarifying and activating important strategic content. He is fascinated by the question of how goals and strategies reach the minds of the actors and trigger consistent action. In 14 years as an executive in the financial sector, he has built up seven new divisions and led a dozen strategic projects to success. Most recently, he was Global Head of Marketing at the major bank UniCredit in Milan. Sebastian Morgner has broad international management experience. He is also a mental trainer, keynote speaker and qualified coach and supports top executives in achieving their professional and private goals. Beyond the MLI, Sebastian spends a lot of time in the great outdoors: biking, jogging or sailing. He is also writing a novel and is involved in the Dießen climate lobby. He lives with his wife Celia and three daughters on Lake Ammersee.